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Warehouse pest control Perth. Warehouse operations play a critical role in our global supply chain, storing huge volumes of food, products, and raw materials ready for redistribution. But, with the volume of items moving in and out of such large spaces, paired with high vehicle and human activity, warehouse pest control can be a real challenge.

Should a pest infestation occur, the financial risk is huge, with the potential for major damage to stored products, health risks to facility operators, legal ramifications, loss of business, and the overall impact on your reputation.

Preventative measures are critical if you're to avoid a pest problem, which means putting effective exclusion practices in place early—and finding a warehouse pest management partner you can trust.

Why warehouses require pest control solutions

Large spaces, food sources, plenty of hiding places, shelter from both the elements and predators, and intermittent human activity make warehouses an ideal home for many of the pests commonly found here in Perth.

Droppings from birds, rodent control Perth, or cockroach control Perth can cause contamination, especially if you store food, while mice and rats can destroy wood, paper, or fabric in their search for nesting material. Insects, including flying insects, are also common causes of pest damage in warehouse facilities, multiplying quickly to cause considerable damage.

Why choose TMO for your warehouse pest control?

TMO can quickly help you prevent pest infestations and product damage in your warehouse pest control Perth facilities.

You'll be assigned a pest control expert who can fix the common access points, help you locate areas where pests are gathering (and why), prevent their return, and educate staff on preventative measures.

As a family run business, TMO understands the importance of effective commercial pest control—especially for warehouse owners who need quality assurance to avoid serious infestation or contamination to their facilities.

Our warehouse pest control services are designed to eliminate Perth's common pests in a quiet, discreet manner. We'll work closely with you to identify a suitable pest management plan, complete with transparent, upfront pricing and from a team of industry experts who can quickly eliminate pest issues.

To find out more about how we can prevent pests in your warehouse facility, contact TMO Pest and Weed Management today!

Our Warehouse Pest Control Process


Once you’ve reached out to us, one of our Perth team members will inspect your premises to better understand the cause and extent of your pest issues.

We'll complete a visual inspection of your warehouse, looking for evidence of pests, before giving you a full debrief on the severity of the issue.


Based on the results of your initial inspection, our qualified pest control technicians will create a tailored treatment plan for your warehouse. This will include the treatment procedure that we plan to use and the timeline of the service.


As prescribed in the plan, our pest controllers will complete the treatment at your property.

To protect the health of your employees and operations, and to prevent further damage to your property, we only use locally sourced, environmentally friendly products, ensuring long-term results without any nasty side effects.


For the best long term results, we suggest ongoing commercial pest treatments on a 6 month or annual basis. Our team will also provide free, helpful advice to help mitigate future pest problems, for example, through property maintenance and food storage.

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We understand the urgency in eliminating pests, and so we always strive to secure your warehouse as quickly as possible.

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