Weed management Perth. Sometimes, the most stubborn pests to invade Western Australian homes and businesses don’t crawl or fly at all. Unruly weeds and plant overgrowth can be one of nature’s most tedious pests to effectively control. In comparison to other less invasive plant species, weeds can thrive in even the most difficult conditions, requiring little rain and sunshine. Western Australian weed species are incredibly resourceful, often growing on any available floor space or wall surface. Weeds will quite literally lay their roots anywhere they deem suitable, including all areas of your business. Weed management is a crucial part of our mission at TMO Pest and Weed Management. Our knowledgeable technicians are passionate about providing solutions for you weed growth problems, allowing your gardens and workplaces to thrive once more.

Perth Weed Management

TMO Pest and Weed Management offer weed management through a variety of methods. We provide expert preventative and curative solutions. Our areas of focus are clearing weed infestation throughout your pavement and driveways. While we pride ourselves on our efficient and long-lasting weed management, we believe that major weed complications are best left to the expert care of gardeners. We also provide Commercial pest control Perth. 

Commercial Weed Management Perth

Pest Control Perth offer a variety of efficient, long-term treatment methods that will pacify all species of unruly and invasive weeds. We are proud to have assisted both new and returning clients with all kinds of pest regulation around Perth. We offer weed extermination and preventative treatments for various commercial buildings and their surroundings, helping Perth businesses maintain presentability and functionality.

TMO Pest and Weed Management cover all aspects of commercial weed management throughout Perth, such as:

  • Commercial yards
  • Warehouse areas
  • Parks and ovals
  • Day care centres
  • Offices
  • Storage yards
  • Machinery

Fire Mitigation Perth

What is fire mitigation?

Fire mitigation is a sequence of preventative steps that you can take around your commercial property to decrease the risk of fire damage. Fire mitigation consists of assessing the potential risks surrounding, or within, your property. Recognizing your property’s potential areas of weakness when it comes to wildfire danger, is the most important preventative measure you can take to protect your assets and loved ones. Every property owner is responsible for identifying and mitigating any fire risk, especially in Western Australia, where fires can be prevalent and incredibly dangerous.

Fire mitigation is a crucial awareness to have as a Perth homeowner, as living in an area surrounded by trees and bushes, unfortunately, offer little protection against rapidly spreading flames. Once sparked, blazes and bushfires are almost impossible to subside without assistance from professionals, likely endangering your business if left unattended.

Fire mitigation services include:
• Slashing and removing dangerous debris
• Spraying fire breaks
• Spraying vacant properties (empty house lots, storage areas, hard stands etc)

TMO Pest Control Perth provide fire mitigation services for multiple commercial sites. Should you require fire mitigation done to protect your property or business contact us today on 1300 407 323.

Fire Mitigation Perth
  • Weed Management Perth
  • Weed Management Perth
  • Weed Management Perth

Tree Management Perth

TMO Pest and Weed Management offer several services directed at preserving, pruning, and removing trees surrounding your commercial property.  Our expert tree management services include:
• Commercial Tree Management
• Strata Tree Management
• Fire Mitigation

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