Wasp nests and beehives create a hazard within their immediate area, often around the home, which is why effective treatment is so important in Perth.

The most common wasps are the Yellow Papernest Wasp, Common Papernest Wasp and The European Wasp which are also the most predatory. Yellow Papernest Wasps are more active in spring and summer months and they usually fly during the day. The Yellow Papernest wasp, Common Papernest wasp and the European wasp are all very similar in their size and shape. The Yellow Papernest wasp is yellow and black and can be confused with The European wasp.

The Common Papernest wasps nest is usually visibly hanging from a tree branch, window frame or the eves of a house. The Yellow Papernest wasp nests are often hidden. These nests have a grey paper like appearance and is similar to an oval shape. Papernest wasps will usually not attack animals or people unless they are provoked and can sting a victim more than once. If people are getting stung or the nest is likely to be disturbed, then its best or have TMO Pest and Weed Management treat the nest for you.

The European wasp is more active in the warmer months but can be active all year round. These wasps would have to be one of the most dangerous wasps in Perth and surrounding areas. Like the Papernest Wasp, The European Wasp can sting their victim more than once and each time the wasp stings its victim it injects venom. This can be very painful. This wasp loves to eat pet food. Their nests are always hidden and can even be underground, in a hollow of a tree, in a wall cavity or in the roof void of a building. These wasps may travel far from their nest in search of food and water. Their diet consists of sweet things and meat. In the hot weather you can often find these wasps around sprinklers, pools, birdbaths and other sources of water.
Beehive treatment becomes a requirement in Perth during springtime. Honeybees commonly "swarm" at this time of year. Swarming is when a queen will leave the nest with Worker Bees and find a new location for their hive. Not only does the process of swarming produce a dangerous area around where the bees are swarming, but the new nest may be in the proximity of your house or commercial property, or even in your walls. The Honeybees appearance is one of a stout body with yellow abdominal bands. Approximately 15mm long. Large honeycombed nests that are either in sheltered or visible locations. Honeybees can only sting once then it dies, they are not aggressive but will defend their nest with force. Out of all the bee species in Perth, only the Honeybee will attack and sting aggressively other species will sting but only when they are under threat. Honeybees may also collect in thick swarms where hundreds of bees cling to one another and hang down from a branch of a tree.

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