Spiders in Perth

Spider Control Perth. Spiders can be very helpful around the home by eating many insects, they can also result in serious danger to children and pets. Therefore, it is important to reach out for help from a licenced Perth spider control professional.

A spider bite on an adult is especially painful and can result in swelling around the bite, however some spider bites are harmful and can result in death.

On a small child or pet, the results can be very severe, so it is important to carry out successful spider management to decrease this risk.

In winter months, spiders tend to retreat to warmer enclosed areas to lay eggs; in the summer, they are more active.

As Perth and Regional WA spider control professionals, we use safe and efficient methods for the control and removal of spiders around the home or commercial premises.

Treatment and control of spiders in Perth entirely depend on the type of spiders located on your property. Our fully licensed and qualified technician will be able to determine what problem you have and treat it accordingly.

Black House Spider Control Perth

Spider control Perth
The Common House spider or Black House spider is generally black to grey. Spiders found around a property or inside houses are either this spider or from this family of spiders. They are usually found around windows, fences, eaves and other areas that provide shelter, food and safety. The web of this spider is tunnel-like, it is usually obvious, roughly round and has an entry hole. The female spider never leaves its nest unless she is forced. The female stays with and guards the sac (eggs). They generally feed on insects, usually ones that are attracted to light because they fall in their webs. The Common House spider or Black House spider has a vicious bite but not a deadly one. They are usually very shy, and most bites occurs when people attempt to move the nest or disturb them. Their bites are very painful and can cause swelling where bitten. Other symptoms may arise such as nausea, vomiting, sweating and giddiness.

Daddy-long-legs Spider Control Perth

Spider control Perth
This spider has very long skinny legs with a body that is very small compared to its legs. They are cream to pale brown and can usually be found in and around houses. They will often spin tangled webs in corners of rooms and other areas that are not usually disturbed, like under tables. They feed on insects as well as other spiders including Redback Spiders. They defeat the Redback through spitting silk at them from a distance. They then wrap them up and paralyse them while keeping the Redbacks deadly fangs at bay using their skinny long legs.
Many believe that the Daddy-long legs have the most toxic venom of all spiders. However, there is no scientific evidence to back this up. Their venom is not that powerful even for insects. The Daddy-long legs trick is that their legs are so long and slender that it is merely impossible for the Redback to bite anyone of them.

Huntsman Spiders Control Perth

Spider control Perth
This spider is dark and has long legs compared with its body. It is a relatively flat and hairy spider that feeds mainly on insects. They are usually a grey to brown colour, with banded legs sometimes. Feeding on insects and other invertebrates, they prefer to live outdoors under loose bark on trees, gaps in rock walls and in logs, they will emerge at night to feed. They often enter houses and generally will be found on walls and behind curtains. They are also infamous for finding their way into cars and being found hiding behind sun visors. They can move sideways very quickly and can grow up to between 40-45mm long. Their bite is not toxic but can leave a nasty wound. A female Huntsman can lay up to 200 eggs, and these babies will live on average for about two years.

Redback Spiders Treatment Perth

Spider control Perth
Redback spiders are one of the most known and poisonous spiders. They create tangled webs that are funnel-like, sticky catching threads run to ground attachments. Female Redback spiders are black (occasionally brownish) and have a distinct orange to red marking on the upper abdomen. While the male Redback can sometimes be less distinct, with a light brown body and white markings on the top side of the abdomen, and a pale marking on the underside. They tend to build their webs in dry and sheltered positions such as among rocks, inside logs, shrubs, sheds, or in toilets. They mainly feed on insects but are capable of capturing animals such as male trapdoor spiders, small lizards and crickets if they become trapped in the Redbacks web. The female Redback bite can cause death or severe illness. TMO can assist with all Pest control Perth & redback spider treatment inquiries. More than 250 Redback bites receive antivenin each year. If bitten, safely and carefully collect the spider for positive identification and seek medical attention.

White Tail Spiders Treatment Perth

Spider control Perth
Spider Control Perth. This spider is dark reddish to grey in colour with a cigar-shaped body and dark orange-brown banded legs. It's most distinctive feature is the white marking on the tip of its abdomen. The White-tailed spider can be referred to as a "wandering" spider not keeping one specific place as their home. They are generally found under bark and rocks, in leaf litter, logs, roof voids, gardens and homes. Their primary food source is other spiders. They typically hunt at night and are known to catch daddy-long-legs spiders, Redback Spiders and Black House spiders. Usually, the White-tailed spider will be attracted to your home due to other spiders they are hunting. Their bites can cause an initial burning pain followed by swelling and itching at the bitten area, discolouration of the skin. In some cases ulceration of the skin and nausea and vomiting. We can assist with all spider control services  Pest control Perth

False black widow Treatment Perth

Spider control Perth
Spider Control Perth. With a very similar body shape to the Redback spider, it can be easily mistaken at a glance. But False Black Widow spiders (also known as the Cupboard Spider, Brown House Spider and Dark Comb-footed Spider) range from a brown or reddish plum to satiny black. Males are around 4mm in size, and females average around 10mm. They have slender and shiny legs with a large round/egg-shaped abdomen. You can find them under rocks, timbers and bark in the bush where prey is available. Within these areas, they build tangled-looking webs that have sticky lines. However, in an urban situation, we are finding them more commonly in dark, sheltered and undisturbed places such as in sheds and garages, old furniture and under garden benches. Checkout our new website for Perth pest control.

Ant Control Perth
Ant Control Perth

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