Australia has an immense number of different types of ant species. Each species has a specific structure of living and working in colonies and their inhabitants generally being made up of worker and soldier ants and one queen. Their colonies can be found in soils outdoors. Their activity can be seen by the build-up of soil on places such as footpaths and gardens. They will also nest under pavers, in wall cavities and in roof voids.

Most ants come inside your home or business looking for food. They are attracted to sweet and sticky substances. It is important to clean up any food and liquid spillages immediately and to cover any food in storage areas. In addition, to prevent ants entering your home, seal access points such as cracks and crevices in door and window frames.

Ants are insects that will travel long distances for food making them an unwanted pest in Perth. They can be aggressive in nature especially in Western Australia where Bull Ants are able to exert a nasty bite if given the chance.

Our skilled technicians can take care of your ant problem for you. Our Ant treatment Perth will eradicate your infestation and help prevent further infestation.

Some common types of ant species known in Perth are:

  • Argentine Ant
  • Black Ant
  • Coastal Brown Ant
  • Bull Ant

Argentine Ant Treatment Perth

Argentinian AntThe Argentine worker ants can easily squeeze through cracks and holes as small as 1 millimetre in size. They are much smaller than other species of ants. These ants will set up quarters in the ground, in cracks in concrete walls, in spaces between boards and timbers, even among belongings in human dwellings. In natural areas, they generally nest shallowly in loose leaves or under small stones, due to their poor ability to dig deeper nests. Although, if a deeper nesting ant species abandons their nest, Argentine ant colonies will not hesitate to take over the abandoned space. Argentine ants are a common household pest, often entering structures in search of food or water (particularly during dry or hot weather), or to escape flooded nests during periods of heavy rainfall.

Black Ant Treatment Perth

Black Ants are native to Australia. They are attracted to sweet liquids and foods and are often drawn to the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Black Ant colonies can reach in size around 4,000–7,000 on average. A queen can live up to 15 years. Black Ant queens in the early stages of founding can have two to three other queens in the nest. They will tolerate each other until the first workers come, then they will most likely fight until one queen remains. However, it is possible that there can be multiple queens in a single colony if more than one colony is found near each other and eventually their two tunnels connect. Workers are dark glossy black and about 3-5mm long. As the colony gets older it has been known for workers to amplify in size over time.

Coastal Brown Ant Treatment Perth

Coastal brown ants, also called big-headed ants, are an introduced species to Australia and a major pest ant species in Western Australia. The Coastal Brown Ant is golden brown to brown in colour. They have two raised nodes on pedicel, visible spines on the thorax and 12 segmented antennae that finish with a 3 segmented club. The workers in the species are characterised by their large, pronounced head, which is disproportionately larger than the rest of the body. This pest is a soil-nesting ant that removes soil and leaves significant mounds of soil next to the nest opening. Colonies can be so large that they stretch beyond property boundaries. They are common in urban dwellings and are a pest on rural land. This incredibly invasive species often has multiple queens in a colony and quickly achieves the status of a ‘super-colony’.

Bull Ant Treatment Perth

Bull Ants, also known as sergeant ants or inch ants, are native to Australia and are common and widespread. Bull ants are easily distinguished due to their large mandibles and large compound eyes that provide excellent vision and a powerful sting that they use to kill prey. Each of their eyes contains 3,000 facets, making them the second largest in the ant world. Workers are also the largest in the world. The larger workers forage for food or keeping guard outside the nest, while the smaller workers tend to the offspring. Bull Ants will forage for nectar as well as insect and animal prey to carry back to the nest. Bull ants usually display defensive behaviour only around their nests and are timider while foraging. However, they are extremely aggressive towards intruders. If a nest is disturbed, a large force of workers rapidly swarms out of their nest to attack and kill the intruder. Bull ants are frequently encountered by humans and avoiding them is difficult. These ants are capable of stinging through fabric, by wearing closed footwear such as boots and shoes can reduce the risk of getting stung. Most stings occur when someone is gardening and is unaware of the ant being there.

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