There are three species of rat and mouse that are by far the most commonly known pests in homes and businesses in Perth due to their ability to adapt to the human environment.

All rodents have the common feature of a pair of cutting teeth in the upper jaw. Their other characteristics and behaviours are different such as their physical appearance, eating habits, where they live, their footprints and trails, droppings and their breeding behaviour.

Rats and mice have a similar body shape, legs, tail, nose and ears, however, their body features show that they are different in their size and aspects that you can use to differentiate these pests.

The three main species known in Perth are:

  • House Mouse
  • Brown Rat
  • New Item

House mouse Treatment Perth

The house mouse has a slender body, they can weigh up to 25gm, their body length is approximately 30-100mm body, and their tail is usually the same length as the body. They have large ears. Mice are usually light grey or brown in colour with a lighter shade on their bellies. A mouse can often be confused with a young brown rat, but the mouse has larger ears and a longer tail compared to its body length than the rat. Mice prefer to eat cereals and tend to seek food in the same places.

Mice usually live and nest in burrows when outdoors. Indoors they will make nests in almost any place that is undisturbed, such as furniture, under floorboards, in boxes and in attics. They will shred materials to use for nesting material. They are quick and can climb to search for places to shelter.

Brown Rat Treatment Perth

The Brown Rat has a thick body. The adults can weigh up to 500gmand their length is up to 220mm body plus 170 mm for the tail. Their tail is generally shorter than the length of their head and body together. They are a lighter colour underneath the tail, have small hairy ears and a blunt nose.

A young rat has obviously larger feet and head compared to the body than a mouse.

Brown rats usually live on the ground, making burrows in soil near water in more open areas or next to solid objects and structures. They are commonly found in sewers, where their burrowing can cause considerable damage. In buildings their nests have been found in attics and cavity walls, where they shred available material for making their nests.

Black Rat Treatment Perth

The Black Rat has a slender body. Adults can weigh up to 300 gm and up to 200mm plus 220mm for the tail in length. Their tail is usually longer than the head and body together. They have large thin ears and a pointed nose.

Black rats are also called ship rats because they are mainly restricted to buildings around ports and in ships, they are quick and are good climbers to where they nest high up under roofs.

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