In the world of pest control, termites are one of the more destructive pests. They can actually cause a house to be unliveable if the problem becomes critical. This is where termite treatment comes in.

There are a few signs of a termite infestation. Termite damage come come in the form of pin-sized holes in timber, crumbling or damaged wood (particularly in the attic), “Mudding” is tunnelling that termites use to cross large areas. You may see termite damage in the form of tubes on ceilings, wood, and floorboards.

TMO Pest and Weed Management offer termite treatment services in the form of termite barriers, amongst other treatment options to protect your home or commercial premises. If you suspect that you may have a termite problem, then feel free to get in touch with us for a termite inspection.

A termite barrier is when a chemical solution is applied around the perimeter of a building to form a barrier to prevent termites from entering the structure of the building. This will protect your home and protect the inside of your cavity walls from around the edge of the concrete slab. The termite barrier is done by drilling and injecting the chemical solution around the outside of the building or under the building where accessible.

Chemical termite barrier treatments stop termites from entering the building, and TMO Pest and Weed Management recommend a full perimeter termite treatment, as this is designed to protect the whole building.

TMO Pest and Weed Management have two options for chemical termite control treatments.

  1. Bifenthrin Treatment is a repellent chemical, we offer a 5-year warranty with this option.
  2. Fipronil Treatment is a non-repellent chemical, we offer an 8-year warranty with this option.

Should you choose, TMO Pest and Weed Management to treat your home or commercial premises with either of the two chemical treatment options, an annual termite inspection must be done to maintain the warranty for the Termite Barrier Treatment.

Many new chemicals in termite control are touted as "non-repellent". What does this mean?

A non-repellent chemical has many advantages, specifically when dealing with termites.

Termites forage for food and may come into contact with a chemical barrier around a house in doing so if the barrier is repellent, that is to say, the termites can detect it and avoid it, then there is a potential for them to locate somewhere around the perimeter of the building where they can enter. Hence, a barrier that is repellent can fail if the chemical has not been applied evenly around the perimeter through all potential entry points.

A non-repellent chemical treated zone does not repel the termites, but instead, allows them to enter the treated soil to such an extent that the termites are affected and after a period of time, they die off.  Not only does it prevent the termites from finding the non-treated section of the barrier, but it also can kill many termites due to the delayed action of the chemical. In some instances, the transfer of chemicals from one termite to another can be so prolific that the whole colony can be eliminated.

Before we can go ahead with implementing our termite treatment solutions at your home or business premises, we will need to conduct termite inspections in order to provide the most effective solution for your situation. We recommend annual termite inspections as a proactive means of termite infestation management.


White Ant treatments Perth, also known as Termite barrier treatment, amongst other treatment options to protect your home or commercial premises.

Getting your home inspected by a qualified technician annually can save you a lot of money in repairs by detecting any white ant activity before any serious damage is done to your property. It is important to know that white ant damage is not included in most insurance policies, therefore, making it even more important to protect your home or commercial property.

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