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Hotel pest control Perth. If you're in the hotel business, a pest infestation is the last thing you need—from bed bugs destroying your guest rooms, to rodents and cockroaches causing a critical food safety risk. Not only could a pest infestation harm your staff and guests, but they can quickly ruin your reputation too.

Unfortunately, with so many people coming and going, plenty of food sources, and an abundance of warmth and shelter, pest activity is all too common in hotels—which is why you need professional hotel pest control services.

Preventing future infestations in the hotel industry

Regular inspections and preventative measures are critical if you're to successfully manage pests in the hotel pest control Perth  industry. Cleaning kitchens every day, tidying and dehumidifying laundry rooms, and properly training hotel staff to spot signs of pest infestations are all critical in reducing the chances of a future contamination.

Should you find yourself with unwanted guests, you need professional pest management solutions who can help you maintain your safety standards—and your reputation.

Why choose TMO for your Hotel Pest Control Solutions?

As a family run business, TMO understands the importance of effective commercial pest control—especially for hotel owners who need to adhere to legislative requirements.

Our hotel pest control services are designed to eliminate Perth's common pests in a quiet, discreet manner. We'll work closely with you to identify a suitable pest management plan, complete with transparent, upfront pricing and from a team of industry experts who can quickly eliminate pest issues.

To find out more about our integrated pest management program for the hospitality industry, contact PMO Pest and Weed Management today!

Our Hotel Pest Control Perth Process


One of our Perth team members will inspect your premises to better understand the cause and extent of your pest issues.

We look around your hotel for evidence of current infestations, and to see how they gained entry, before giving you a full debrief on the severity of the issue.


Based on the results of your initial inspection, our qualified pest control technicians will create a tailored treatment plan for your hotel. This will include the treatment procedure that we plan to use and the timeline of the service.


As prescribed in the plan, our pest technicians will complete the treatment at your property.

To protect the health of your hotel staff and customers, and to prevent further damage to your property, we only use locally sourced, environmentally friendly products, ensuring long-term results without any nasty side effects.


For the best long term results, we suggest ongoing commercial pest treatments on a 6 month or annual basis. Our team will also provide free, helpful advice to help mitigate future pest problems, for example, through property maintenance and food safety.

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We understand the urgency in eliminating pests, and so we always strive to secure your business as quickly as possible.

Of course, there are a number of factors that determine how quickly we can complete your pest treatments, including the size, condition, and location of your hotel, as well as the type and severity of the infestation.

For a highly professional service from Perth's pest pest control company, contact TMO today!

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