Pre-purchase pest inspection Perth. Buying a new property is one of the most exciting steps you can make for your family's future—but it also comes with a major pest control risk. 

Unfortunately, termite activity is prevalent across Western Australia, with wood borers a common cause of property damage, putting your new home at risk of fungal decay, wood rot, and structural damage.

The most common cause of action to prevent such problems is to take out a thorough pre-purchase timber pest inspection before buying a new property, which will highlight any termite infestations, termite damage, and other timber pests—before it’s too late. 

Pest Inspections Perth. How termites cause property damage 

Termites feed on timber and will travel significant distances to do so. With so many timber-framed properties across West Australia, large urban areas like Perth are a hotbed for termites and other wood-boring pests. 

Because termites travel underground, they usually go unnoticed and enter buildings unseen. This can make it hard to identify a termite infestation before the problems begin. Once the infestation occurs, termites can rapidly cause significant damage, compromising the structural integrity of your new home or commercial property.

With repair bills running upwards of thousands of dollars, no new property owners want to be hit with those kinds of costs—or have to live with the thought of their new property being compromised by unwanted guests—which is why a professional timber pest inspection makes so much sense. 

How Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections work

Pre-purchase timber pest inspections in Perth require a full visual examination and a comprehensive evaluation of the whole property. 

As part of TMO Pest and Weed Management's pre-purchase inspections, our qualified technicians and termite inspectors use the latest termite detection technology look for evidence of any termite and timber pests, before assessing whether the activity is active or dormant. 

This evaluation extends to the areas surrounding the property, helping identify any active termites in the area to help protect you from future threats.

What is the outcome of a Timber Pest Inspection?

Following your pre-purchase inspection, your assigned pest inspector will produce a detailed report to highlight any termite activity in the property.

Based on the results of the pest inspection report, you will be accurately advised on any current or potential pest activity, as well as the severity. Our technicians are happy to explain any industry terms or details you don’t understand regarding the condition of the property.

Buying a property without a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Termite infestations are so common in Western Australia that most property purchase contracts come with a clause enabling a termite pest inspection to be undertaken as a pre-condition of the sale. 

Purchasing a new property—whether residential or commercial—without a termite inspection, however, can be a risky move. Most insurance companies don’t cover termite damage, and so in the unfortunate case of a damaging termite infestation, you would be liable for the financial burden of repairs if they occur after you have purchased the property.

We believe pre-purchase pest inspections are crucial before pulling the trigger on major property investment.

Frequently Asked Question's

How much does a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Perth Report cost?

Prices of our pre-purchase pest inspection Perth are based on the size, construction type, condition, and location of your property. To learn more about our specific pricing and our pre-purchase building and termite inspection, simply submit an enquiry form and we’ll get in contact with you.

How long do the actual building and Pre-purchase pest inspections take?

Similar to price, how long the actual inspection takes is also dependent on the size, construction type, and condition of the property. Our termite inspectors usually carry out a thorough inspection within a couple of hours, before then compiling your pest inspection reports. We also work in conjunction with Building inspections Perth who can assist with building inspections. 

All accessible areas should be inspected and reported, however, some houses can be difficult to inspect, so we require clear access to all timbers in the house and yard.

Once I’ve bought the property, how often should I get termite inspections?

For effective success with any method of pest removal and treatment, we recommend hiring qualified and licensed Pest Technicians to perform annual building inspections.

Staying up to date with regular termite inspections is the best way to protect your home from a future termite attack and other nasty pests. Consumer Protection endorses our recommendation of employing a licensed pest control technician to inspect your home at least once a year.

Do you follow industry or Australian Standards to treat termites?

All our pest inspections are carried out as per Australian Standards AS 4349.3. You can find the official document AS 4349.3 reports at

Simply put, pest inspections performed by a TMO termite inspector help to keep you safe from future termite-related financial loss, ensuring the property you are investing in can provide a safe and healthy environment.

A quick summary on whats involved

All areas of your home and yard are thoroughly inspected, including roof voids, sub-floors, home interiors & exteriors and all garden areas. Everything on the block – put simply.

Once complete, we will provide you with a detailed building inspection report that includes:

  • A detailed report of the entire property highlighting any active or inactive termites.
  • Photographs of any active or inactive termites.
  • Provide details of any fungal decay and water damage.
  • Inspect for other wood borers, for example, European borer.
  • Report on any environmental factors including drainage and ventilation issues.
  • We will also highlight any problem areas that may be conducive to future termite attacks.
  • All private power poles will also be inspected.

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