End of lease flea treatment Perth. As a tenant with pets it’s likely that you are required to arrange an End of Lease Flea Treatment as part of your Lease Agreement. You could jeopardize some or even all of your bond payment if it is not done.

Fleas can live for months without food and can remain in areas around previous pet activity, such as carpets, for a long time after your pets have left the property. That’s why it’s crucial to get a proper end of lease flea treatment Perth done by a Pest control Perth professional.

Our technicians know the areas of your property that are most likely to accommodate fleas. They’ll also know the right treatments to apply that will both eliminate any activity and ensure that they don’t return in the future.

Our treatments are carried out by fully qualified and experienced technicians.

Our End of lease fleas treatment Perth includes both internal and external treatments as is generally required by your landlord. A paid invoice will be emailed to you for your property manager or if needed we can print a copy of your paid invoice as well.

TMO Pest and Weed Management are experienced in doing end of lease flea treatments. Our services are generally recommended to tenants by real estate property managers around Perth area.

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Flea Treatment Perth

Fleas are a regular problem in homes, mainly those with pets. You may find that you have a problem with fleas even if you do not have pets but if the previous owners of your property had cats or dogs.

Fleas may have also been carried on other animals like rabbits, foxes, rats and mice.

Fleas are a sort of parasite, the biggest concern about fleas in your home or business is their bites. Although their bites are not painful, they can result in an uncomfortable itch or rash. Flea bites often appear as tiny red spots on the skin.  Your pets could also develop allergies to flea saliva. Although fleas do not have wings, they have incredibly powerful elongated legs. These allow them to jump long distances and move easily between you and your pets, leaving behind itchy bites.

It is very easy to think you’ve got rid of the fleas in your home when you haven’t. This is because flea eggs are very difficult to spot.

Fleas will lay their eggs on your pet’s body. But they won’t stay there. Eggs easily fall off and can become hidden in carpets, rugs, bedding or gaps between floorboards. Flea eggs are tiny (only about 0.5mm long), oval and white. This makes them almost impossible to see against rough surfaces.

The best way to prevent fleas is to take some simple safety measures. TMO Pest Control also assist with Termite treatments Perth.

Pets are the main source of fleas in the home therefore, vacuuming regularly and washing pet bedding weekly, ideally at above 50°C can help keep them at bay. Other wild animals such as possums, wild cats, foxes, rabbits and rodents also carry fleas so when your pets are outside they can easily pick up these fleas and bring them back, check your pets regularly using flea combs. Larvae feed on organic matter in carpets, bedding & furnishings. You need to try and remove any potential food supply to prevent fleas.

If you are moving into a new home inspect carpets and flooring carefully for signs of eggs or ‘flea dirt’. Flea cocoons can remain dormant for two years. They only hatch when the right conditions arise.

Flea eggs are approximately 0.5mm long, oval and white. They are almost impossible to see against rough surfaces like carpets, rugs and pet bedding.

A flea’s life cycle can range between two weeks to approximately eight months. Fleas can breed rapidly, making it difficult to prevent fleas entirely without expert help.

Should you have any concern about Fleas in your home, look for tiny red-brown insect about 2mm long. The main targeted areas on your pet you will see the most flea activity is the hindquarters, neck or head. Carefully look for “flea dirt” this is the droppings of the adult flea looking similar to ground black pepper. Contact Pest control Perth today to see how we can assist.

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