Cockroaches are known for being one of the most imperishable pests, if you’re having a problem with cockroaches, TMO Pest and Weed Managements technicians are skilled at detecting and managing cockroaches.

Many people find the sight of a cockroach revolting when in fact their existence has far more risks. Cockroaches can carry many diseases, including typhoid, dysentery, tuberculosis and gastroenteritis. In particular they are capable of spreading various types of food poisoning and if cockroach populations are large, they have even been known to bite people. They are a very triumphant group of insects that have not changed much in millions of years. In Nature, they live under bark, in rotting vegetation and in the burrows of other animals, some species have become masters at exploiting your homes and businesses. Our kitchens, drains and sewers equip them with the perfect conditions of food, warmth, humidity, shelter and are free of predators.

Cockroaches can survive on anything, such as animal or vegetable food scraps, pet food, fabrics, paper and cardboard, hair and leather, animal carcasses and animal waste. Populations can erupt to thousands of single cockroaches within the limit of a single building.

Cockroaches are active at night or in darkness, they gather and rest together and seek the security of contacting surfaces such as cracks and crevices when at rest. These habits can disguise the level of infestation and a thorough inspection is often required to locate and treat them.

Sighting of cockroaches during daylight or in well-lit areas indicates that there is an overpopulation and further investigation of their usual resting places is recommended for treatment to be successful.
Some commonly known Cockroach species in Perth are:

  • German Cockroaches
  • American Cockroaches
  • Native Australian Black Cockroaches
  • Brown Banded Cockroaches

German Cockroaches Treatment Perth

German cockroaches are a smaller species of cockroach usually when it reaches adulthood, measuring 13-16mm in length. It is a light tan to dark brown colour.

German cockroaches prefer warm, humid, dark, well-hidden environments and are found in drains and other underground structures such as sewers. They are commonly found wherever food is stored and prepared, making your kitchen a harbouring area. They move typically faster than other cockroach species on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Risks associated with German cockroaches are, like other cockroach species, the German Cockroach spread bacteria as they walk, transferring pathogens such as salmonella and e.coli to every area they race across. Cockroaches also shed cuticles, faeces and other cockroach debris which are known asthma and allergy triggers.

American Cockroaches Treatment Perth

The American cockroach is the largest of the cockroach species. Its adult body is 30 to 50mm in length and is reddish brown with a yellowish band behind the head. It lives in warm, moist, dark conditions – indoors in colder regions, but mainly outdoors in warmer regions. Its preferred daytime habitats are the warm, dark, moist locations associated with sewers, and wall, roof and subfloor voids. They often gather around hot water pipes, fridge motors and other heating appliances. The American cockroach prefers to feed on decaying, organic matter, but will feed on a wide variety of plant and animal material. They can fly and are attracted to lights. They can often be seen around stormwater drains. The female life span is up to two years. Under ideal conditions they quickly reach mass amounts. An adult American cockroach without food or a water source may survive for about two to three months.

Native Australian Black Cockroaches Treatment Perth

The native Australian black cockroach is usually found indoors during the summer months. It is black with white stripes on both sides, it grows to 35mm in length and is wingless. This cockroach is primarily an outside species which feeds on decaying plant material. It is not a recognised carrier of disease because of its preference for leaf litter over human leftovers. In summer it comes inside to shelter from the heat.

Brown Banded Cockroaches Treatment Perth

The brown banded cockroach is small in size and pale brown with very pale bands across the thorax and abdomen. Unlike the other cockroach species, it can live in dry situations and may be active throughout the building, not just the kitchen and other damp areas. They are particularly interested in our modern technology, therefore, are often found in electrical equipment such as computers, keyboards, microwave ovens. The brown banded cockroach may fly if disturbed.

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