Daycare pest control Perth

Daycare centre pest control

Daycare pest control Perth. As a daycare owner, your duty to protect children always comes first—and safeguarding them from the common pests we find here in Perth is paramount.

Unfortunately, children can be messy creatures and that means day care centres can quickly attract rodents and other pests. From dropping food, to playing around outside, to running in and out of the building, pests can easily find their way onto your property.

One cockroach can quickly turn into many, and the same goes for ants, spiders, rodents, flies, bed bugs, and birds. If left untreated, these pests can spread disease, cause allergic reactions, leave a painful sting, or even bite multiple times, inject toxins, and cause local swelling.

These are all things you want to avoid when children are involved, which means preventative measures are critical if you're to avoid a pest problem. Fortunately, you can do so through a combined pest inspection and daycare pest control Perth treatment with TMO Pest and Weed Management.

Read on to find out more about our childcare-friendly pest control treatment plans!

Why choose TMO for your pest control services?

TMO understands the importance of effective pest control for child care centres—helping you maintain a safe and secure environment at all times.

We take safety seriously and recognise our duty to protect children's health, which is why we put hazardous chemical control options in place with every child care centre we work with. To reduce risks, we minimise contact with the children, use minimum pesticides where possible, and use the most efficient means possible to ensure a safe application of our pest treatments.

Our pest control services are designed to be quiet and discreet, causing minimal disruption to your child care facilities, while trying to go unnoticed by your customers.

We'll work closely with you to identify a suitable pest management plan, complete with transparent, upfront pricing from a team of industry experts who can quickly eliminate pest issues.

To find out how an integrated pest management plan from TMO can help, contact our friendly team today!

How TMO protects Early Learning Centres


Once you’ve reached out to us one of our Perth team members will inspect your child care centre to better understand the cause and extent of your pest issues.

By collecting pest behavioural data, completing a visual inspection of your child care facilities, and looking for other evidence, we will give you a full debrief on the severity of the issue.


Based on the results of your initial inspection, our qualified pest control technicians will create a tailored treatment plan for your child care centre. This will include the treatment procedure that we plan to use and the timeline of the service.


As prescribed in the plan, our pest technicians will complete the treatment at your property.

To protect the health of your children, employees and operations, and to prevent further damage to your property, we only use locally sourced, environmentally friendly products, ensuring long-term results without any nasty side effects.


For the best long-term results, we suggest an ongoing pest inspection on a 6-month or annual basis. Our team will also provide free, helpful advice to help mitigate future pest problems and reduce risk, for example, through property maintenance and food storage.

Suspect a termite infestation?

If you think you may have a termite infestation, we offer termite inspections and a range of termite treatment plans to help you avoid expensive property damage. This includes termite barriers and termite baiting, both of which are effective in eradicating termites.

If you believe you may have a severe ant infestation, we also offer integrated pest management plans for this purpose. Please contact our team for more details.

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When children are at risk, we understand the urgency in eliminating pests, and so we always strive to secure your childcare facilities as quickly as possible.

So, for highly professional child-friendly pest control, contact TMO today!

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